Do you leak when you laugh?  If you do, this is a sign of “stress urinary incontinence”.  Stress Urinary Incontinence is when pressure (or stress) placed on the bladder causes urinary leakage. Women with stress urinary incontinence feel a sudden and intense need to urinate, often triggered by activities that place added pressure or stress on their bladder and pelvic floor muscles. However, this can even occur with no obvious feel of urine loss, or “leakage”.  Leakage may include just a small drop or two of urine or even a whole stream. Any amount is unwanted, so don’t dismiss your concerns simply because your leakage doesn’t seem as bad as it might otherwise be.

SUI is the most common occurring form of incontinence in women under the age of 60 and accounts for more than half the cases. As we’ve mentioned, anything that creates pressure on the pelvic floor muscles and your bladder may cause leakage.

While pregnancy and childbirth head the list for causes of SUI, there are other health factors that may put you at risk, too. They include:

  • Loss of pelvic muscle tone. This can often occur with aging or childbirth, although people of all ages can develop SUI.

  • Hysterectomy (or any other surgery that affects your pelvic floor)

  • Nerve and muscle damage from childbirth or surgical trauma

  • Obesity

  • Menopause

  • Chronic coughing due to smoking and lung disease

  • Anatomical predisposition

  • Repeated heavy lifting or high impact sports

Stress urinary incontinence can have a huge effect on your quality of life. The physical and emotional demands created by SUI can leave you feeling exhausted, embarrassed and even depressed. Some of the common byproducts of SUI are:

  • Depression.  Many people with SUI are deeply ashamed of their condition and live in constant fear of having an accident. This can lead to them avoiding things they once loved, like hanging out with friends or family, attending social events or even working out.  This restrictive nature of SUI can lead to isolation, loneliness and depression in many if left untreated.

  • Skin care issues. Constant moisture, especially urine, can cause your skin to be irritated and sore. It’s important to use proper protection for incontinence to avoid this from happening. Absorbent pads with wicking materials help keep moisture away from the body and avoid irritation, while moisture barrier creams can help protect skin from coming into contact with urine.

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